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Meet Emily

Emily, the heart behind Hey Em Studio, has navigated the struggles of single parenthood with grace and determination. After surviving an abusive marriage of 16 years, she began to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life, this time with God. There were moments when the weight of her journey felt heavy. But she found comfort in her art, creating beautiful prints that brought biblical wisdom and hope into her home.

These pieces served as a gentle reminder of God's love and care, and gave her the strength to keep going, even on the toughest days. Hey Em Studio is a testament to Emily's unwavering spirit and a celebration of the transformative power through the word of God and art. With each piece, she hopes to set your spirit free, offering messages to uplift your faith and fill your life with hope.

A few of my favorite faith building prints...

Be still and know

Letting go of control and trusting in God was a very difficult lesson for me, but I realized it was an essential part of growing my faith. When I chose to surrender my desires and plans to God, it opened up a path for His guidance and direction. I can find peace and comfort knowing that God is working all things together for my good, even when I can't see it.

I Am New Creature

I struggled to believe that God had made me new, given my past. I couldn't move beyond the shame and guilt, so I created this art print as a daily reminder that I am not defined by my past. All my sins have been wiped clean, and I am a new creation in Christ, creating new experiences that bring me closer to Him and living a life that reflects his love and grace.

Prayer Is Everything

There is something to be said when God answers specific prayers. It's like He is saying, "I hear you, I care, I am your Father, and you can trust me." That experience did wonders for me. God transformed my faith in ways I never thought possible. I now live with more peace and positivity, and I wouldn't change a thing. Not even the nights I feared it would all fall apart.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. The Lord is my shepherd.

Beautiful Reminder of God's Promise

I love the uplifting biblical wisdom, inspiration and empowerment that Hey Em Studio brings in to every piece of art. These art prints are a beautiful reminder of God's promise.